Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Buying a home or business property is the single largest purchase most individuals will make. Working with a qualified real estate attorney can transform anoftentimesdifficult and sometimes complex transaction into an understandable and manageable process for buyers and sellers of homes, and vacation and commercial properties.

The experienced staff at Donald P. Colella, Esq. PLLC simplifies the process for our real estate clients. We prepare and review the purchase and sale contract, coordinate financing with the mortgage lender, perform document and title reviews, and manage the details of the closing.

Our primary concern throughout is protecting the legal and financial interests of the individuals and businesses for whom we work. Accordingly, we analyze the essential details of every purchase or sale transaction, and advise our clients in a clear and understandable manner.

If you are buying, selling or refinancing your residence or a vacation home, or purchasingor selling commercial real estate, we can make your purchase or sale accomplish your desired goals.